Organic hemp products for your face, hair and body

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Nourish the skin and hair with our Goodbody Hemp Oil

packed full of omega acids and vitamins E and F to offer anti-clogging moisturising – great for skin conditions and anti-ageing.


Hemp oil has anti-clogging properties and helps alleviate problems with skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. For older skin hemp oil helps eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.

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Reap the benefits of natural hemp, packed with anti-oxidants and moisturising properties. The products for the body will make your skin become soft and silky with a healthy glow.


Hemp oil absorbs into the hair quickly to moisturise, strengthen the hair from split ends and encourage hair growth.

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An introduction to Goodbody Hemp

Our hemp products are packed full of omega fatty acids and naturally contains Vitamins E and F which have great moisturising and anti-oxidant benefits for your skin and hair. Our Goodbody hemp products do not contain any THC and are made to the same high quality standards of any Goodbody product.

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